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A bit about you

My business really isn’t about me at all. So let’s start with you first… because you, after all, are the reason I’m able to do what I love every single day. 

If you’re here reading this – there’s a good chance you’re someone who is passionate, driven and curious.

And maybe you just need a little bit of help getting to the next step, from someone who has ‘been there, done that’. 

Well I hope that I get to be that someone for you.

And look… I know these ‘about me’ pages are supposed to be all business. They’re supposed to let you in behind the scenes and build trust by showcasing my qualifications and accolades.

But at the end of the day – I’d rather take this opportunity to share parts of my life that you can’t find on my LinkedIn profile.

So I hope you’ll come along for the journey and join me in scrolling down to learn a little more about what makes me – me.

LogoMark - Maggie Stara

I’m Maggie

And my mission is to help create a better digital world for both creators and consumers.

Some days I do that just by cheering my students on, and leaving positive comments on their creations on social media.

While other days, my online courses might help someone land their dream job, which completely changes their life by allowing them to work remotely full time and spend more time at home with their little ones.

Every action can’t have a life-changing impact. But I’m a big believer that every action in the right direction counts.


A bit more about me


making you smile

This photo will give you a good insight into me as a human. I will do (almost) anything to make people smile. Because people don’t remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.


die-hard fan

My favourite show is Schitt’s Creek and I unapologetically love and cherish all seasons of this heartwarming show. The way to my heart is through a good David Rose GIF.


plant-based human

I’ve had a plant-based diet most of my life. This makes some people think I’m super healthy. Those people have clearly never seen me near a table full of vegan donuts.


jack of all trades

Prior to working in marketing – I’ve worked as a chef, bartender, English teacher, photographer, tour guide, and housekeeper. And I even taught sexual health to University students where my actual job title was ‘sexpert’. True story – this bit actually is on my LinkedIn profile.



In 2016 I started freelancing as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Manager after taking some not-so-great online courses and mostly teaching myself everything I needed to know through YouTube.

These skills completely changed my life as they allowed me to travel to some incredible places, while taking my work with me wherever I went.

So I eventually put together the kind of course I wish I had when I was first starting out.

Spoiler alert: that first course was a complete failure.

But it taught me an enormous amount, and I got back up, dusted myself off and kept on teaching. Years later, I am now a best-selling instructor with more than 150k students.

Since becoming a mom in 2023, my business is a lot less about travelling the world and a lot more about spending time with family.

But it continues to be an incredible privilege to be able to structure my days in a way that works for me and to take on only projects that feel aligned with my purpose.

And I hope I get to help you do the same.

Here’s where we get

a little bit weird

I personally love knowing who people were before they became the version of themselves that I got to know.

So on the off-chance that you share this niche curiosity – I’ve created a brief timeline of my life just for you.

And I hope it brings you joy.


Eastern European Adventures

I grew up in Slovakia eating delicious food, playing with goats on our family farm and rocking incredible haircuts like this one.

And if this isn’t the most Eastern European looking photo of me… I don’t know what is.


Angsty Teenage Phase

After emigrating to Canada I discovered donuts and quickly became known as the overweight kid who didn’t speak English. This didn’t exactly make me popular.

So in high-school I naturally gravitated to the classic emo kid lifestyle. I chopped off all my hair, got a lip ring and my first tattoo, and spent a great deal of my paycheque on black eyeliner and adventurous hair dye colours.


Travel Bug

A week after graduating from University I bought a one-way ticket to Italy with no real plan for what to do next. Over the next few years, I ended up having lots of jobs in lots of countries.

While working as a tour guide across the European continent – I got to dress up as a cow in the Swiss Alps, and a gladiator in Rome among other things. And I frequently demanded dress-up days in my kitchens while working as a chef in France. This was the first time in my life that I realised that having a job as an adult could actually be fun – who knew?

2016 - 2017

Not Cut Out To Be An Employee

I did briefly try to get a ‘normal job’ after meeting my Aussie partner Nick and moving to Australia.

But it lasted all of 6 months until I decided to teach myself skills in the social media space so I could work online while travelling the world.

And in 2017 I launched my first online course. 

2018 - 2020

Time For a Challenge

I quickly got burnt out from hustling really hard to succeed as an online course creator when it just wasn’t happening. I joined an agency as their digital marketing strategist in Brisbane and later moved to Melbourne for a corporate, in-house digital marketing specialist role.

While it was incredibly valuable to finally work alongside other marketers and creatives in a physical office space – I once again realised I am not cut out to be an employee.

2020 - Present Day

Doing Things Differently

Luckily, the pandemic made me refocus on my business and do things very differently the second time around. I made smaller, more specialised courses and promoted them on marketplaces which would allow me to make them more affordable and accessible to more people. Once I started making decisions in my business that aligned with my purpose – everything just clicked. During this time, I also became a homeowner, an investor, a wife and a mom to the best kid in the world. And I get to wake up every single day happy & incredibly grateful – what more could a girl want?

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